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Giving your desk a declutter regularly keeps things from building up.   Are there piles of paper, business cards, pens and other stationary strewn everywhere?

It is difficult in our busy lives to keep chaos to a minimum, all too often we are rushing from one thing to the next putting out fires and trying to keep up.

Here are some tips to help clear the clutter and start to get organised:

  1. Allocate a couple of hours to clear your work space. Having a clean desk helps you focus and stops you wasting time looking for things.
  2. Group items together and have a place for everything. Most desks have drawers so put things away like excess pens etc. Small drawer organisers help keep things tidy.
  3. Take 15 minutes the night before or first task in the morning to plan the day but don’t stress if you don’t complete all items on your list, it is there to highlight the things you would like to achieve.
  4. Develop systems that you follow for when you collect business cards, follow up with clients, suppliers etc. They do not need to be long and wordy just simple steps that you and your team can implement so everyone is on the same page.
  5. Don’t use office trays as invariably the things on the bottom never get looked at. Try something like a vertical file organiser. Files and labels are easily viewed at a glance elevating the issue of lost paperwork.
  6. The less is best theory should be what you aim for on your desk. If it is not current put it away and use your calendar and/or task reminder system to alert you to deadlines and future tasks to complete.
  7. Try to do one task at a time and complete it before jumping onto another. If the day goes pear shaped you will at least feel the accomplishment of finishing something at the days end.

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