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Happy New Year – time to declutter my bathroom !

I feel fantastic sitting here in my completely decluttered home.   I am now living proof that by decluttering on a regular basis, it really is a quick and simple process!

Usually I give myself more time to do my end of year de-clutter, but with the business getting busier, time got away from me.  I don’t recommend doing it all at once as I have just done! I recommend scheduling in regular mini de-clutters, that fit in with your day to day living.  As an example, at the end of each season I do a quick wardrobe audit to see if there is anything I didn’t wear and why.  My mum comes to visit once a year and I always de-clutter my bathroom just before she comes, I only have one bathroom and I need to make space for her to place things so it is the perfect time to do it.  Whenever I buy something new or get a gift, I look at what similar items I have and whether I want to get rid of any.

In the end I gave up videoing the rest of my de-cluttering as it was slowing the process down too much and I still needed to go through my bathroom, linen cupboard, laundry room, spare room, office, bedroom and outside store room….and do an initial consultation for the business…

I did do one last video of my bathroom:

A couple of tips to help with any de-clutter:

Use a table or surface to sort your items onto. I don’t have any surfaces in my bathroom so I used a fold-away table

Be safe, if you are de-cluttering a high up area, use a small ladder rather than a chair

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