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Time is ticking away quite quickly as I prepare to being decluttering my home for the New Year!

I have a yearly ritual of decluttering and cleaning my home ready to welcome the new year in.  Only this time, I’ve decided to record it and share my experience with you.

In the last two posts, I have been de-cluttering (and cleaning) my kitchen and yesterday I finished this room…yay!  In fact, being a public holiday, I managed to also finish the dining room and start on the living room.

Today is Wednesday and I’m working with a client.  Being a Professional Organiser, means I will be de-cluttering someone elses home, so not sure how much I will get done on my own place 🙂

This journey has been a huge learning curve, with one of my issues being how to embed my video’s into this blog.

I’ve had some great support with fellow blogger Colin Seal from The Dog Line  sharing some great tips with me.  Anna Laurin another fellow blogger and friend from Finland helped problem solve how to embed the videos and we finally figured it out, so thanks guys for all your support!  Turns out I had a box ticked on You Tube that was turning the embedded code into beta code, I’m not very techno savvy and just know I need to untick the box!

I also spotted an editing feature on You Tube, but with time a ticking, this is something I will need to check out later 🙂

Moving back to my de-clutter, I’ve finished the kitchen…woo hoo and here are my videos….

Pots and pans cupboard and surfaces:


Lol, I talk about not cooking much and then talk about all my cooking books…I do cook, but because the business takes up so much of my time I am usually looking for quick simple healthy meals.  When I have visitors, I love to look through my cookbooks and pick a few dishes to share with them.

My finished kitchen


If you live in Perth and are thinking of renovating, I would strongly recommend Transformations Australia…this is who I will be using!

If you would like friendly professional help with your de-clutter / organise – contact Finer Details or if you would like to attend my Tidy Solution workshop through UWA extension, here are the details

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