Declutter Linen Closet Challenge

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We were recently shown a picture of a reorganised linen closet.  The towels were all beautifully aligned and colour coded and it look fabulous, the only thing was, the closet was very full and would be hard to keep tidy.

If this is you (or you just have a very full linen closet organised or not) – We have a linen closet declutter challenge…will you take it?

The challenge is, to find an unused container and put half of the towels in it, and label it (could be just a temporary label by writing on a piece of masking tape and sticking it on the container).  Put the container out of sight and put a reminder in your diary for a month or so.

Alternatively, you could use one of the shelves and put half of your towels on one out of reach shelf.  Put a label on the shelf saying not to use that shelf (or using masking tape, put a couple of strips of tape diagonally across the shelf breaching it so it is hard to get towels without breaking the tape). And put a reminder in your diary for a month or so.

The question is, after the month is up if you didn’t run out of towels and still have enough spares for visitors and the odd unexpected use, do you need the number of towels you have?

The reason we are suggesting this, is it will make it so much easier to keep organised and the 80/20 rule usually applies to towels (we only use about 20% of the towels that we have, so even if you added another 30% for just in case, there would still be enough).

Up to you, would you like to take the challenge 🙂

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