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Living room contemporary style, 3D images

I recently had Sandy from Spruceups give me advice on styling my living space.

Although we declutter for a living sometimes we too, can be blind to the pieces we hang on to that no longer serve us but remain taking up prime real estate in our homes.  I didn’t consider my living/dining rooms cluttered but I knew it didn’t have a good flow and I had let it be as is for too long. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to look at something you see every day.

By removing only a couple of items (large speakers from the 80’s) and moving around the couch, occasional chair and wine rack it is amazing the difference it makes to the space. There will be new cushions added to the lounge, as a girl can never have too many cushions and a console table for my bag and keys (drop zone) in an out of the way spot but nearby for quick access when I am rushing out the door.

What you can do to declutter your space

  • Stand back and take a good look – are there items that you really don’t use or like?
  • What are your main dislikes about the space – is it something that can be fixed easily, like a change of paint colour?
  • Does the room suit your lifestyle e.g.: do you come in the back door but your drop zone is near the front or side doors, meaning you are more likely to drop stuff where it shouldn’t be?
  • Can you change the feel by the addition of a couple of coloured cushions or new print on the wall – if you are anything like me and clueless in this area, help is very affordable.

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