The year to declutter and organise

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What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to declutter and organise your home and life, have more holidays and free time?

Have you made a plan to get started or was it just another empty phrase to mumble on December 31st at the stroke of 12?

All too often we have great ambition, then before we know it, January has gone, and then look it’s Easter already!!!

Tax time is upon you, Father’s Day and then you start seeing Christmas decorations in the shops again and oh look…. you are back where you started 12 months prior with that resolution not being anywhere near realised.

The problem with goals is that sometimes they are so large we talk ourselves into not achieving them, the secret is to break them down into smaller chunks so that are more achievable.

So let’s start small, no big ambitious projects but chip away slowly and you may well feel empowered to do more. Here are some declutter and organise tips.

  • January – Get rid of old unwanted shoes
  • February – donate 10 redundant items from your home
  • March – remove out of date products from your pantry, fridge or freezer
  • April – organise the glove box, boot and console in your car
  • May – clean one large kitchen cupboard,  two smaller ones or 3 drawers
  • June – allocate a space in your home for all mail and newsletters etc.
  • July – shred or properly dispose of one small box of outdated paperwork
  • August – organise your linen cupboard and remove old/unused items
  • September – sort medicine cabinet and properly dispose of out dated medications
  • October – underwear and socks, you know you don’t wear all the ones you have, so time to cull
  • November – get your list ready for Christmas gifts and cards so you are festive ready
  • December – toys, books, magazines or hobby items, sort and remove unused objects

The list may appear long but broken down into months it is surely achievable, ask family members or others you live with to help, you could even make it a competition to see who can do some of the tasks the quickest, find the most to donate, remove etc.

The main thing is to make a start and if life gets busy in for example April and you don’t get the car done, no stress, focus on what you have achieved and move forward to May. You may find extra time in another month to go back and tick off the whole list.

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