Deadline distress

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Deadline Distress

Deadline distress is an issue that can strike weeks or hours before the set time frame but it needn’t be something to dread.

Here are some tips to assist you.
  • Be realistic – don’t give yourself or accept 1 week to finish a 2 week task
  • Mark the deadline in your calendar
  • Create a soft deadline (a period of time before the actual deadline) this gives you room for unexpected events (sickness, technology issues etc.)
  • Break it down into manageable sections and schedule these as sub deadlines
  • Delegate or outsource some of the components
  • Remove distractions – turn off phone, email, TV etc.
  • End goal reward – give yourself something to look forward to on completion
Make sure you have a clear workspace and all the resources you need are close by.

Procrastination might actually be the hardest thing to overcome, when we make a start things flow and the time it takes isn’t nearly as long as we thought. Don’t worry about the bigger picture just focus on the first chunk to tackle and it will seem less overwhelming.

Do the part of the task you dislike the most first rather than last, as then it is out of the way and the rest will seem a lot less daunting.

Finally if you think the deadline may not be met let other relevant parties know as much as possible in advance so solutions can be found.

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