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It’s New Years eve and other than one initial consultation for a potential Finer Details client, I have dedicated today to finishing off my New Year de-clutter.

Yesterday I completed my living room.  As with any de-clutter I am already starting to feel the benefits and think more clearly…one huge decision made in my third clip which I am really happy with and have already actioned!

Here are the clips:

Blanket box


TV cabinet

Well there is no time like the present!   I went onto GumTree last night and listed my TV, DVD player and TV cabinet…much to the horror of a couple of friends who I contacted to find out if I was measuring the TV screen correctly when I was listing it on GumTree.  When my friends found out how much I would get for the TV they couldn’t understand why I was getting rid of it ‘just keep it, they said’….I am not getting rid of the TV to make money, I am getting rid of the TV because I don’t want it anymore.

As I mentioned on the last clip, when doing a de-clutter be clear with yourself as to why you are doing it, think about your motivators and keep them front of mind.  It will really help with decision making and be true to yourself, friends will always want to help and have their own opinions but it is important to keep on track with what you want and need.

Quick tip:  Whenever you are selling or getting rid of any items that have instruction books or warranties, make sure you find all the paperwork and put them either with the item for selling or throw out (depending on what you are doing).

If you would like friendly professional help with your de-clutter / organise – contact Finer Details

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