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Many of our clients have craft clutter, for some it may be hobby or sports equipment. These items are purchased with the good intention of it being an constant part of their life, whether it be making gifts, re-purposing existing items or maybe wanting to become more active.

Life gets busy, things change so pastimes come and go and for some the objective quite often is to get back to it at some point so a storage spot is found and here it stays collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

So when did you last clean out your stash of things to get back to? Maybe this weekend is a good time to have another look at what you are keeping and why.

You need to consider the following:

Questions to ask when keeping craft items:

  1. Is it a current interest?
  2. Is it a guilt hobby (this is where you think you should be doing it as opposed to you wanting to use it)?
  3. What are your reasons for wanting to keep it?
  4. Does it bring you enjoyment?

It can be a hard process especially to do on your own, so ask a friend to help you be accountable and stay on track.

It’s important to differentiate between being overwhelmed with items of no value and feeling unorganised with items that are loved and needed, even if they are space invaders.

  • Gather all the like-minded items into one location eg: paper craft, sewing, sports equipment.
  • Look through each item and make sure you still need everything and place in a separate area those items you no longer require.
  • If there are doubles – consider whether you really need them both
  • Then consider where you keep the items, do you have one designated area for all related items to be kept together?
  • Are they easily accessible? If they are not quick to access – how often will you use it if it becomes a hassle to get out and put away?  Could you consider another storage solution to make it easier?

As you go through the process be realistic in your answers and decisions.

If you have decided to no longer keep the items are they worth selling or is there someone you could give it to who would really enjoy it.

Most of us are quite focused on our jobs and businesses and forget the importance of having down time to rejuvenate and concentrate on fun stuff.

Yes, craft and hobby items can be bulky, but quite often they are much loved and a great distraction from your working day.

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