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Coping with stress is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives, unfortunately there is no avoiding it.  Many have to deal  with stress on a more regular basis, sometimes even daily.

Sitting in a corner and rocking doesn’t solve your stress and issues and quite possibly could create more.

Many have learnt a coping mechanism that suits them and maybe even have different solutions for varying situations depending on environment etc. It would be ideal to have some form of procedure that you can implement when these situations occur .

Our first suggestion would be to take a few moments to process what has occurred, flying into a rage without any thought is generally the least effective way to handle a tension filled situation.

If you have the opportunity remove yourself from the group, person or room as soon as you can so you can clear your thoughts. Ideally if you can go outside, the fresh air and space aids in enabling clarity and even go for a short walk.

Other ways to de-stress are:

  • Talk to someone not related to the situation to get things off your chest and who may also give some unbiased advice.
  • Do something totally unrelated to get your mind of the issue
  • Music is a great stress reliever, something up beat rather than a solemn tune.
  • Find something to laugh at, in this technological world it is easy to Google a funny video
  • Meditate – find a quiet spot where you can let your head be free of thought
  • Give or ask for a hug from a friend. Some physical contact can make problems not appear so large

What ever solution you choose, remember this is a temporary issue, tomorrow or next week it will not seem nearly as important so in the words of Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

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