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Whether they have been given as a gift or bought on a whim we all have or had or have cookbook overload.

Although they are lovely to flick through on a Sunday afternoon with the plans of making exotic dishes through the week in an endeavour to get out of the Spaghetti Bolognaise rut, it rarely happens and we either fall back on tried and true recipes or grab something at the supermarket that takes just minutes to throw together.

There are a multitude of apps available now or websites that will give you ideas with the ingredients that you have on hand.

So the question remains… you need ALL those cookbooks?

Chances the answer is no, but your favourite Aunt gave you 50 Shades of Chicken (unfortunately that is a book), won’t it offend her if you give to Charity?  Truth is she probably won’t even remember she gave it to you unless it was a family heirloom.

So let’s look at the pile:

  1. Which books do you use regularly
  2. Are there some you absolutely love
  3. Family heirlooms – I have my Dad’s old bread recipe books as he was a baker
  4. Are you keeping a whole book for one or two recipes that you could copy?
  5. Do you have a whole folder of saved recipes never tried?

Allocate a specific space and only keep the books from list above in points 1 to 3 that will fit that space.

The excess should go to another home, someone who may not have access to the internet or a local community that assists those less fortunate. Keeping for the sake of keeping doesn’t make sense, but giving to someone in need does.

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