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Cleaning clutter and how to detox

3 ways to a safer and cleaner home

Decluttering your cleaning products is probably not the first job on your ‘to do’ list when it comes to home care but if you’ve ever opened your cleaning cupboard door to find an avalanche of bottles, sprays, creams and wipes cascading all over the floor then maybe it’s time.

More importantly, many of the products typically found in households today contain toxic chemicals that are not only cluttering cupboards but could be harmful.

You can make a big difference to the health and well-being of your family and achieve a better clean with these simple steps.

  1. Be product label savvy

It’s easy to get confused by mixed messages when confronted with a hundred cleaning products lining the aisles of your local supermarket. Many of these display Eco-friendly looking logos. But on closer inspection, most products have labels containing warnings about toxic chemicals and alarming safety notices.

How often do we use these products to clean our oven or bathroom or spray around our kitchens and come away short of breath, headachy or with skin irritations?

  1. Less is more

Despite what many advertising companies may want you to believe you probably don’t need as so many different types of cleaning products as you think. Did you know by making clever choices you can store a year’s worth of products that effectively clean your entire home on a single shelf?

  1. Save time and choose what works

Buying expensive cleaning products that don’t really work can be extremely frustrating. Your time is an important and limited resource so think carefully about the products you choose to clean your home. Are they cost effective? Do they achieve the sparkling clean you really want?

Nature Direct is now helping over 250,000 Australians say goodbye to toxic nasties and hello to a clean and safe home.

  • Highly effective products – good for you and good for the environment
  • 100% organically sourced eco-friendly ingredients including natural essential oils
  • A genuine clean living alternative

You can learn more about decluttering your cleaning cupboard and enjoying a safer and cleaner home by calling your local Nature Direct Distributor, Sharon Pegrum on 0466 430 979.

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