Have you got a clean machine?

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Colorful shirt and trousers in a white laundry.

When was the last time you inspected the inside, the door/lid, filter and dispensers for built up products and grime? Have you got a clean machine?

Do you pile clothes and linen into your washing machine on a daily or weekly basis without giving a second thought to its cleanliness? Is there a process to how you wash or does it all just get thrown in at once and you hope for the best?

Well there is a right and wrong way to do this unavoidable chore and here are the basics tips:

  • Separate your wash into whites, lights, coloured, dark’s and linen
  • Check all pockets for tissues, pens, paper and other nasties that can damage your machine and clothes
  • Look for stubborn stains and spray with stain remover
  • Dedicates should always be placed in garment bags to protect
  • Check there is nothing left in the machine from a previous wash
  • Read manufacturers instructions on quantities for size and type of wash
  • If you have new clothes never washed before use a colour catcher sheet to absorb any excess colour
  • Wash least soiled items first
  • Whenever possible use the free type of drying (outside) it is so much better on so many levels

To clean your machine:

  • When you have finished your wash wipe down your machine with damp cloth and some vinegar
  • A paste of bicarb and water left on for 30 minutes will clean your seals.
  • Approx 10 drops of clove oil on a hot water setting will clean out any musky smell from your machine
  • Leave the lid/door a little bit open so your machine can air out
  • If you have a top loader and has an agitator, occassionally remove and clean
  • Locate for your machines filters and clean regularly
  • Remove dust and dirt from the around the machine

Taken care of your machine should last and save you on maintenance repairs.

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