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Do you clean green?  We are slowly becoming more and more aware of how much damage chemicals are doing to our environment not to mention how costly cleaning products are to buy. Factor in that the majority of them don’t even come close to their wild claims of sparkling sinks, glass and mirrors we should try and clean green as much as possible helping save our planet and our pocket.

The three most commonly used products for green cleaning are:

  • Lemons – they help everything smell clean and fresh.   High in citric acid they are one of the best natural cleaners and have natural antibacterial properties
  • Vinegar –  Cleaning vinegar is nontoxic and although not sold as a disinfectant it will kill most germs in and around your home
  • Baking soda – From toothpaste to easing insect bites to cleaning this product has got you covered and it is very affordable

One of my favourite clean green recipes is a shower cleaner. Over the years I have tried and tested many a product that claim to get off soap scum and make my shower screen like new.

Sadly none have lived up to my expectations which is why I sought an alternative and found a solution that is a fraction of the cost and easier on the environment.

Mix equal parts of dishwashing liquid and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on your wet shower screen, light wipe or scrub depending on its condition and rinse off.

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