Christmas Countdown week 3

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Christmas Countdown week 3 is to have a plan for your Christmas Day menu.  Don’t just go to the shops and randomly buy everything you see “just in case”

Sit quietly before you head off and work out what you will be serving or taking to any functions and make a concise shopping list so you won’t have the mad last minute rush and not be able to get the items you would like.  Fresh fruit and vegetables will need to wait until the last week, but think of going to a small grocer or weekend market rather than attempt a large shopping centre in the last few days lead up.

  • Any food on order, check to see that your items will be ready on time
  • Check with others so there is not a double up of dishes or decoration
  • Review your recipes and allow for any increase in quantities
  • Do you need any garnish items, a little goes a long way so no need to overdo it
  • Don’t forget to include items for those who have allergies or special dietary requirements
  • Remember to buy non-alcoholic beverages as well – try making a light punch
  • Plan for Boxing Day as well so there is no need to go near the shops
  • Nibbles are just that, not a meal replacement so just a few things is plenty

You don’t need to keep to traditional heavy roast dinners, many families in Australia, particularly Perth where we experience a hot Christmas Day go for light fresh foods.  The beauty is there are no rules, do what makes you and your family happy as the day is about spending time with your loved ones, not feasting until you can’t move.

Alternatively you can hand over your To Do List to your Finer Details Personal Concierge while you relax and enjoy some pre-Christmas festivities.

Don’t get to the 25th December exhausted and grumpy.

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