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Prepare for change- Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Perth

 Prepare for change

At some point in all of our lives we come across change.

Sometimes it is not within our control – relationship break-ups, people we love passing away, moving or job changes!

Other times there are changes we need to make but the fear of the unknown is daunting and inhibits us from moving forward to take the necessary steps to improve our homes and lives – like delegating and decluttering!

Letting control go in any situation, particularly when it comes to personal space can bring a mountain of emotion and fear into many of us and those we are close to, sometimes we are unaware of their struggle.

Do you or someone you know battle with:

  • Removing broken and no longer used items from their homes/offices?
  • Buy things they don’t need or have space for?
  • Sorting and reducing items of memorabilia – do they keep every little keepsake?
  • Collect magazines, newspapers and pamphlets?
  • Purchase double up items as they have forgotten they already own the same thing?
  • Make excuses for always being late or not having things done?
  • Cancel appointments, get togethers due to double booking, forgot or another reason?
  • Have a list of jobs to be done that just grows?

Accept that the stuff (mental or physical) in our lives does not determine who we are or the quality of us as a person, friend, parent or employee.

The things that fill up our heads (jobs not done) and homes can bog us down and reduce our ability to clear the way for new experiences and people to come into our lives. There is always help at hand somewhere, whether it be reasearching online to find the right information or service or discussing options with those who care.

Taking one step is moving forward and can start a momentum of positive actions.

In conclusion to out more about Finer Details and our packages and pricing, contact a consultant today.

The Finer Details team have an extensive database of services they can enlist for your tasks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more professional organisation tips and personal concierge services or if you would like friendly professional help organising your life and home contact us now.

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