Doing it all as a business owner?

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Are you trying to do it all as a business owner?  Is there always something else that needs doing and never the time to do it?

Hiring another employee is not logistically or financially viable at this time, but you certainly need some help.

A concierge may be the answer, able to assist with all manner of tasks, they can help alleviate the stress of a never ending to do list.  Whether it be helping answer the phone, catch up on filing and man the office for a couple of hours while you tend to other matters,  sourcing products/services, running personal or business errands, even assisting at a trade show with setting up etc.  The possibilities are endless of where their assistance can be utilised.

Delegating does not mean you are not coping, it shows you are smarter and more efficient about how to use your time.  Unlike traditional methods of employing staff, you don’t have the dilemma of finding things for your concierge to do, you schedule them in when things need attending to, this can be weekly, monthly or just those one off occasions when life and work get too much.

Personal and Lifestyle concierges are also a great gift for an employee whom you would like to reward.  What better way to say Thank You than with a gift of time

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