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Most of us girls like our bits of bling. They can dress up an otherwise dull outfit, make a statement, highlight particular colours and even take an older item and make it up to date by adding some modern accessories.

But where do we keep all our favourite pieces ?  Some of us use a chest of drawers or dressing table, but for today’s discussion we shall discuss talk about bathroom storage as for many this is the only option they have.

Pocket organisers are fantastic for being able to see quickly and easily all the pieces you own.  These can be hung over the door, with small removable hooks on the wall or even inside the bathroom cabinet.

Small drawer systems are also a good option as you can allocate each drawer to a colour, group (e.g. bangles, hair etc.) or a style (casual, formal, work) otherwise you can use containers that already exist in your home.

Other options can be cork tiles where you can hang items with pins and you can even make this a feature by putting a frame around it. The main point is that whatever system you use is that it is easily accessible and you can view items easily that way you will use what you own.

Make sure you regularly check your bits of bling for tarnishing, pieces that are broken and items you no longer like and wear.  Donate them if they are still in good condition or bin them if not. Don’t hold on to unused pieces unless they have great sentimental value as they are taking up valuable real estate in your home.

For storing gold and silver pieces these are best kept in their original boxes and preferably in another location for home security.

Our team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips or if you would like friendly professional help organising your home contact us now.

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