Are you ashamed of your clutter?

by Sara Hall. Posted in Clutter, de-clutter, De-cluttering, Organising

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Ashamed of your clutter? Call Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Service for help

We hear it so often from our clients, they feel ashamed of their clutter and chaos of their homes and lives.

Often too embarrassed to have visitors or if they do, they quickly bag or box clutter and hide it in drawers and cupboards.

Sometimes they may have one room that is marginally better than the rest to entertain in but are strategic about where else guests go

Friends or family may have offered to help but that just adds to the overwhelm. The thought they might see the extent of your clutter and ask prying questions or belittle your choices about why you have kept certain things is too much to consider

How does your space make you feel?
What does it do to your mood and your view of the world?

Have you spoken words of encouragement and tried to motivate someone close?

Told them how strong and capable they are and able of achieving their goals?

It is so easy to support someone else but unfortunately not so easy to inspire and reassure ourselves

While you may have a cluttered home, it is not who you are or indicate that you are incapable of organisation.

You can change your circumstances, your actions and your thoughts, it just takes a little practice!

Clearing clutter can have enormous positive effects on your emotional state and create a sense of relief and feeling lighter, it can be a long process but well worth the effort to take the step.

Suggested strategies:

  1. Enlist help – this can be medical, phycological, coaching or some other professional assistance – check to see if there is any government assistance available
  2. Review your expectations – the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day is a great metaphor
  3. Be kind to yourself – Some decisions will be difficult, emotions will come and go, allow the process to happen and stay on track
  4. Start small – small chunks and often will see progress, starting big will possibly be too overwhelming and you will feel defeated before you have begun
  5. Music – having motivational music playing can aid in the process. Don’t play anything that will bring up sad emotions as that will only delay decision making

This is a difficult task to tackle on your own, so talk to someone and make a start.

Sara excels at helping her clients get rid of clutter and become more organised. Her knowledge and understanding of working with different people, and responding to their individual needs, means she excels at providing home and office organising services.