Thank You’s

We had exhibition framework packed away on dozens of different boxes that we had to pack and re-pack continuously, so were looking for a solution to keep all of the framework stored away and easily visible.

Finer Details were able to observe our needs and come up with a solution we still use effectively today.

Our storeroom floor has a lot more space we now utilise for income generating activities.

We tend not to think about our storage now, which allows us to concentrate on building the business. We are very happy.
- Martin Johnston, Business Owner

It was much easier than we thought it would be!
- Catherine and Rosalind Sadleir, deceased estate

I discovered through Finer Details that the 'finer moments' of my life don't need to be represented by physical clutter! I feel liberated. Many thanks
- Sue Slavin, Coach

The storeroom of our office has become a dumping ground for both used and unused items and there was no method for organising. There were a number of broken and outdated items which were taking up space and making it cluttered.

Heather and Sara went through our storeroom and arranged it in groups and sections as well as bought organising equipment for our items so they were easily accessible for everyone. They gave us methods for storing items in the future and made sure we were making the most of the space we had.

Heather and Sara were so easy to work with and knew exactly what we wanted. They started working straight away and were very accommodating to our needs. They both worked extremely hard to make sure they gave us exactly what we needed and prepared us for future use of the storeroom. They took on a huge task and their turnaround time exceeded our expectations.
- Government Department (name withheld)

Thank you - amazing. They made it easy to deal with.
- Andreas Weeber, downsizing

Thank you Sara & Heather for your fabulous organising skills. Your professional, calm and kind manner made it possible for me move from the chaos of 12 years worth of "stuff" and I now have a clean, organised and lovely space to work. You enabled me to keep letting go even after you left, as the organisation process kept unfolding. I really appreciate your time, thoughtfulness and new skills for keeping organised.
- Terrie Wayside, Creations Dance Centre

Very efficient. Showed empathy but kept the pace going.
- Jenni Anning, Accountant

I kept trying to get on top of my paperwork and the backlog but it never cleared. Finer Details helped clear the backlog and suggest a system to keep it cleared. Very happy to have my bedroom back.
- Rebecca Handley, mum and student

I had hit a wall with decluttering and organising before the baby comes. I feel much more confident and back on track now.
- Ellen McCarthy, Art Gallery owner and new mum-to-be

Sara & Heather gave me the boost I needed to tackle some tasks I had been putting off for years. I gained a wonderful sense of achievement which has given me the confidence to keep the momentum on my own.
- Psychiatrist (name withheld)

Sara & Heather were efficient and effective at giving me the support to declutter and organise our wardrobe which was weighing on my mind.
- Sophia Benedetti, Brentwood

Your service has always been outstanding and has, when used, done exactly what was required.
- Siobhan Mulvey, Subiaco

I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the service. I has a clear aim of reorganising a few areas before a wedding. This was done and more was achieved like running important errands before a function for 30 people at our house.
- Leah Joseph, Nedlands

You were amazing. I love it! (bedroom)
- Georgina Manners (14 years old)

Finer Details achieved an amazing amount in a very short period of time. I was stressed about starting a new job with my home feeling cluttered and chaotic but now feel ready to tackle my new challenge.
- Magistrate (name withheld)

Finer Details achieved in 3 hours what I have been trying to achieve in a year in regard to an area of my house which was overwhelming me.
- Architect (name withheld)

Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction for decluttering. Sara and Heather were both professional and very helpful throughout this process. We would not hesitate in using their services in the future.
- Yvette Fernandez - DZL Wealth

I feel really better knowing we have made a start to 18 years of paper build-up and I am almost calm!
- Julie Williams - Neonatal nurse

I was amazed by how much time decluttering my wardrobe took, but Heather and Sara worked so fast and efficiently - very impressed. I never could have done this by myself, and their expertise and suggestions were so helpful and the result so rewarding. Thanks so much. A really good experience, and such a result :)
- Lawyer (name withheld)

When we started I wasn't even sure we could finish - the room was in such an awful beginning state. But 3 hours later I have a perfectly organised and tidy space!
- Katrina Stratton, Coordinator of Research and Evaluation

They were very efficient and organised meaning we got a lot done.
- Rachelle Conley

The two person team approach made the organising process efficient and professional. Ready suggestions for ways to improve office organising made a lasting impact on our work. We have more time for our important tasks.
- Basil Palassis, Fusion Planning Group

Hi Heather and Sara
Wanted to thank you both for the extraordinary difference you made to our move.
Thank you for pushing through to get as much done as possible.
We are truly grateful.
- Filipa Preston, CEO

They were very professional. Very gentle in guiding with decision making.
- Norliah Wickramriyaratne, Nedlands

Sara and Heather are just the people we need to motivate and help us through a process (decluttering) which had been in our too "too hard" basket for way too long.
- Julie Goad, Doctor

Finer Details provide a professional quality service. Their efficiency and appropriate advice made everything easy and a feeling of achievement in the task of decluttering.
- Leanne Stickland, Applecross

The ladies were very pleasant, helpful and efficient.
- Nathan Koch, Pilot

Sara and Heather have helped me tackle my clutter, systematically and without stress. I feel lighter. Great result.
- Mike Fisher, Mining Development Manager

Thanks ladies I feel like I have done a detox of my house and feel very happy to be moving in 3 weeks with less clutter and given more peace of mind. The girls were wonderful.
- Anonymous (high profile)

An incredibly professional team at Finer Details. Very efficient and organised with loads of valuable advice and options. Finally have garage to move around in!
- Gabrielle Worthington, Business Owner

Heather and Sara were professional, hardworking - they knew how to work alongside me to get the decluttering done and start the process of re-organising. We did my study and now I want them to come work with me on every room.
- Katrina Stratton, Nedlands

I tried many times to sort this room but it overwhelmed me. The girls came in and gave me one box at a time to sort and I achieved so much in such a short amount of time. My room is usable and makes so much sense. Thanks to Heather and Sara. They didn't push but guided my decisions and I got so much more done than by myself.
- Victoria Jones, Department of Immigration

"I feel less cluttered now"
Finer Details was very easy to find on a google search, and once I made the phone call it was easy to make an appointment and begin the process of sorting my mountain of filing.

The website gave great information and all I needed to make a decision about the service.
"5 out of 5 for overall service quality and expectations were met"
- Linda Stretch, Quinns Rock

I was nervous of course, afraid of getting rid of too much but it all worked out well and I am happy with the results.
- Catherine McFarlane, Health Care Provider

Enlisting the help of Sara and Heather has been the best decision I have made in my quest to declutter and become more organised - Sara and Heather are wonderful. Professional, efficient and genuinely know how to get things done. I would recommend Finer Details services' to anyone looking to organise and declutter their home.
- Louise Thomas, Environmental Scientist

Sara and Heather were very understanding and careful to ensure my needs were met. Happy to recommend their services.
- Ryan Constantine, Real Estate

Sara and Heather, I cannot believe what we achieved today! No wonder I hadn't been able to successfully get such a massive job done- it took the 3 of us most of the day. When we emptied the room, I'll admit, I thought this could not be done in the time we allocated. It looked very overwhelming but we did it! This year I have been doing my planning at the kitchen table, as I couldn't think straight in the study the way it was. I was also spending (wasting!) time hunting time for resources that I knew I had but couldn't find. Now I have my benches ( and sanity!!) back - and everything has a place, including all that paper!!! Many thanks, ladies, I would highly recommend your services.
- Sonya Manners, Teacher

Heather oversaw the smooth transition of legal documents and the follow-up up of the key players in a a process that was required whilst I was overseas.
Heather’s detail approached allowed the transfer to go ahead on time and with all parties happy with the results.
- Kay Durrant, Director at Project Resources WA Pty Ltd

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Sara. She helped me at the very last minute to organise a house cleaner before I took my family away on holidays for a week. I needed the house cleaned while away so that my very hard working wife and mother of twin toddlers could come home to a clean house. Thanks to Sara at Finer Details who ensured that the house was cleaned to a high standard, I was able to generate a peaceful experience of coming home rather than a tense one of ‘how filthy’ the house was. I have no hesitation in recommending Finer Details for any personal or business organising that you can think of.
- Allan Adams, Owner and Director of Beyond IQ

Minus the hat with flower and stern looks, Heather Gibson is definitely today’s answer to Mary Poppins.

Heather arrives punctually with her bag of tricks, friendly smile and a can do attitude, not to mention her vast knowledge of almost anything and everything.

Our home was screaming “De-clutter” and granted you might feel uneasy allowing someone else to view your problem spots, but Heather assesses the situation and will show you how its done in her friendly, happy manner and will offer her suggestions and encouragement to keep you on track.

Heather also had an uncanny knack of putting myself and my husband at ease and helped remove the stress that comes with these types of situations. Don’t hesitate to seek her help with whatever irksome task you need done, she truly is a Godsend. Thank you Heather.
- Mr & Mrs. B, Carramar

For a long time I have felt I have been one of the typical nurses in the aged care sector. Hard working, passionate, working in extremely difficult decisions and ultimately heading for burnout. I wanted to change that expectation without leaving the field that I felt I had so much to offer to and learn from.

One day I attended a seminar at my local library regarding ‘how to be more organized’ I can’t remember the title exactly, but it was run by Sara Hall from Finer Details. It was totally brilliant not only did my own house start to run more efficiently as I took on many of Sara’s tips and ideas, but so did one of my friends calamitous pantries.

So I of course got to thinking. If my house could be turned around, maybe my job could be as well. Maybe I wouldn’t have to work such long hours, feel so overwhelmed, fear my supervisor coming in and looking at my reports and paperwork and finding lots of holes , fear audits, etc etc.

I realized this would cost but then at what cost peace of mind etc. So I contacted Sara, and we negotiated a plan and a price.
At the first meeting we set goals that were as follows:

• Create a system for incoming paperwork and their completion
• Improve the quality of my work
• Improver communication
• Improve time management

These goals were often revised and refined with each visit. What I did realize is that I had years of poor habits that I had to now change if I wanted a better life and I now had a most excellent and wonderful mentor in Sara who I cannot praise highly enough.

... Thank you Sara, for the help, encouragement, support, positive feedback, reinforcement, belief in me that I could do this I am so utterly grateful, words can not express my gratitude and no scale could measure the difference you have made in my life.

With gratitude ++++
- Colleen, Aged Care

Thank you Heather for the amazing job you did yesterday, it was so nice to be able leave you to it and get on with what I needed to do. Love your work.
- Carolyn (Silver Chilli jewellery with impact), Kingsley

Sara works with great professionalism, she is efficient, understanding and a wonderful worker.

I would recommend Finer details to anyone.

With Best Wishes
- Dick Adamson, Nedlands

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your ongoing support and assistance. From the previously overwhelming organising jobs we started with, to finding people whose services I need or things I have no time to search for. And of course for taking care of those 101 little To-Do’s that I never find time for, and which I would otherwise be constantly going over and over in my head. Thank You
- Liz Flatters, Business Owner

Sara was able to take directions from a distance and work with getting my father settled in his new upstairs apartment in Perth, juggling her own timetable to accommodate getting Dad sorted and settled with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

I am so glad to have found Finer Details and it was the best money we have ever spent helping Dad move into his new life in Perth.

Warmest Wishes
- Liz and Jim Waddell, Moira

My area of our shared study was unorganised and disorderly, but Heather’s patience and kindness helped me implement a plan on how to utilise my space.

Now I feel less cluttered, more confident and efficient. Heather is very professional, and I would highly recommend her and her services.
- Colleen D, Ocean Reef

We have had to use Finer Details on several occasions, on each occasion the task given has been carried out to the letter, we trust Sara implicitly and highly recommend her to anybody that is “ time tight”.
- David Goodley, Director HOFS

Heather’s personal and organising services when I relocated my family from Perth to a small country town due to work were invaluable. I am a highly organised person, but have two small children and a partner that works away most of the time. Heather was recommended to me as someone who may be able to help with my relocation.

Heather sourced reasonably priced removalists as well as unpacked and set up my house. She also researched local schools in the area, local sporting and entertainment venues and even local grocery shopping hot spots!

Nothing was too much trouble – in fact I did not want her to leave! Thanks so much Heather, you were a life saver.
- Selina Collier, School Teacher

Ask any parent of a teenaged girl, and they’ll understand when I say, my daughter Karri’s bedroom was a MESS! No amount of nagging, scolding, bullying, withholding of benefits or bribery made any lasting difference. In desperation (and frankly to preserve the relationship between mum and daughter), I called Sara. Wow! Clear, organized, firm, motivational, effective. More importantly, Sara was able to illicit Karri’s ‘buy-in’ with the process. Worth every cent. Obviously there are slip-backs occasionally, but the ‘standard’ has been set with Karri’s input, and she’s committed herself! Thank you Sara, from a grateful mum!
- Marie Watts, Financial Planner

Having known Heather for many years this is the perfect profession for her. The knowledge and organisational capabilities she possesses in a variety of areas have always been invaluable.

After purchasing an established business the previous owner had left an office of disorder and clutter. Heather came to the rescue, converting it into a logical and orderly work space with easy to follow systems and procedures.

Heather is your Girl Friday who expertly gets your to do list done. She’s positive, friendly, efficient and her personal services are first rate.

Nothing is too much trouble and she always goes the extra mile.
- Michelle Flood, Day Care Owner

…I’m 13, and your typical teenager, with a typical teenage room. Sara came in, and to her credit didn’t say anything about the state of my room, or more specifically, the state of the floor.

She came with her massive fold-up garbage bags and her ‘Donate’, ‘Keep’ and ‘Memorabilia’ boxes ready to clean my room. It took us three hours to go through all my stuff, and it was rather depressing to see just how much junk I had hoarded in my room. Sara was great, she’s really easy to talk to, and is very forgiving with everything.
- Karri Coles

Having struggled in that past with finding the right property manager for my investment property, I made the decision to rent and manage my property myself.

Living in Melbourne and trying to manage my property in Perth wasn’t an easy task, so I asked Heather to help me.

I relied on Heather’s drive to research the details of privately renting my property from the correct industry sources. Heather then compiled all the relevant information so it was easy to follow and understand.

During the home open I requested Heather be present to assist in assisting me choose a potential tenant. Her life experience enabled her to ask all the right questions and she was very honest and open with me on her feedback regarding potential tenants – the positives and the negatives!

My decision, in conjunction with Heather, on whom to lease my property to was a success and I have a fantastic tenant. They pay the rent on time and the house is immaculate.

Without Heather's personal services, I feel I would have struggled to organise everything from the other side of the country, such a fantastic service.
- Michael Copson, Port Melbourne Vic

[Finer Details De-clutter Kit]… this kit is brilliant!!! I used it to clean out my garage from bomb zone, dump site to organised and able to fit 2 cars in… only took me 2 sessions and was such a joy to do… could not have managed it without this kit… so worth the money…now I’m thinking about which area I will tackle next.
- Catherine Shovlin, In 2 The Mood

Sara Hall has been a huge inspiration since meeting in 2010. She guided me through a huge declutter and her blog posts inspired me to hit the kitchen and other rooms hard. Her session was very useful and her declutter kit is an amazing product for anyone who doesn’t know where to start. I would recommend Finer Details to anyone wanting to get more organization in their home and life.
- Joanne Saunders, Wildfire Social Marketing

The services of Sara Hall of Finer Details were invaluable to me after my surgery. I hadn’t realised how much help I would require and without Sara’s services I would have been stuck on more than one occasion. No task was too much trouble and always performed or arranged quickly, efficiently and discreetly. Thank you Sara.
- Anthea Moffat, Business Fusion CEO

After only one hour into organising my office, I was able to de -stress and focus better on how my work flow should be.

Sara and her team combine intelligence and insight with practical ‘know how’ with infectious positivity which encourages and inspires. So much so that I have now been brave enough to tackle sorting out the office technology and much more…

If you need to have ‘an extra’ to organise ‘whatever’, then I can highly recommend Sara and her team to do the job!
- Anna Ward, Woerlee

Due to a hectic work schedule and an active social life, my bedroom was beginning to look more like a teenagers every day. This was becoming an embarrassment considering my own children had long passed being teenagers themselves. I was becoming more and more unorganised and my wardrobe more of a mess.

Enter Sara and her team……….. They were truly wonderful, and with patience, care and the right amount of forcefulness had me throwing out stuff I had never used and never would. They completely re-organised my drawers and wardrobe. Some clothes that I never wear and had decided to throw out they encouraged me to keep and have altered; now it’s like having a whole batch of new clothes.

They made a difficult task very easy and even fun. Thanks girls, (wanna see my room)
- Maureen McGlynn, Health Care Provider

Thank you to Sara and her team for bringing order to the chaos that was threatening to engulf me! The mail and filing were piling up, and I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task every time I looked at it. You arrived and calmly took charge, and set up systems that work for me. You have made such a difference to the way I feel now, and I no longer have to rummage through piles of paperwork when I’m looking for that all-important document or receipt.

My many thanks again.
- Jackie Loney, Ardross

Thanks very much for the great results obtained from the clutter clearing of my home office. I have a very busy life with a full time job and also run a business from home. Over the years I have accumulated all sorts of market research, management files, photos and personal memorabilia.

Tidying up my files and general clutter clearing is a job I have promised myself to do for fifteen years but it was always too daunting. A home move in a few months prompted me to sort it out once and for all.

Finer Details came recommended.

Sara and her assistant worked with me for only a few mornings to get the job done. They listened and got to understand my business and developed with me a classification system that would work best for my particular needs.

We did a broad brush sort followed by a thorough review and reclassification of all my files. Much of what I had in files is now available on the internet.

The result is that now I have a growing database for reference and a bin full of rubbish. I also have a plan to go digital with my old photos, negatives and video archives, and Sara was able to source the means to get this job done.

I must thank them both in their extremely professional approach. They are experienced and organised, and challenged me to throw things out even though I resisted on a number of occasions. Having said that they always respected the emotional ties I have for certain possessions, and helped me through the decision making process. After all if we had no attachment to things we wouldn’t have any difficulty in throwing things out.

As a result I feel lighter and free from the burden of years of baggage. I do feel clearer to focus on my business knowing that my “back office” is tidy and organised.

Many thanks.
- Mike Fisher, Bicton

I was really impressed with the response time, attention to detail and follow up. I will definitely be in contact when we need the next one (property report) completed.
- Natalie Morey, Director of The Lifestylers Group

I decided to use Finer Details to free up some of my time and reduce my stress levels. The results have been fantastic. Sara and her team are absolutely fantastic – so professional and efficient. It is like waving a magic wand where things just get done!

Things that had been on my “to-do” list for 6 months have now been completed and I feel fantastic about that. I can not recommend Finer Details highly enough.
- Anthea Moffat, Business Fusion CEO

Faced with a very tight labour market at the moment, we were fortunate to come across Finer Details. Sara and her team worked on a number of our projects and provided very competent support. They were very accommodating to our work needs which gave us great flexibility in project staffing. Also, having Sara and her same team come back each time meant that we always had people who knew our projects, knew what we expected and who consistently delivered the same quality work.
- Dr Calvin Wang, University Researcher

I have found Finer Details very versatile and have been able to use their services in both a professional and personal capacity. Finer Details were able to come into the office to pick up quickly and efficiently on the extra workload during our peak period, which was a huge relief! Using Finer Details as a personal concierge service to take care of time consuming tasks such as comparing ISPs, and sourcing an electrician and dogsitter meant less time running around and more free time to enjoy!

- Martine Hawkins, Research Coordinator

Finer Details (Sara Hall) provides a totally professional and flexible administrative resource for Integrated Managed Services with no risk. Sara’s pro-active and common sense approach mean that she is able to pick up and manage multiple priority projects quickly and with no fuss. Sara is that someone special that every organisation needs!

- Heiko Plange, General Manager Operations Integrated Managed Services Pty Ltd

Finer Details helped me create a filing system and get my administrative affairs in order. I was also able to offload some tasks to Sara (which she picked up quickly) enabling me to focus on the bigger picture.
- Col Werner, Director Navitas Business Modelling

I discovered Finer Details Personal Concierge Services at a time in my business and personal life where I felt I was drowning trying to maintain my everyday life as well as start up a new small business and work part time. There just weren’t enough hours in my day for everything I needed to do – I needed to be 2 people.

When I sat down with Sara from Finer Details I wasn’t sure exactly what they did and how they’d be able to help, but it only took a short while and she had a list of things they could help me with and immediately I felt like a huge load had been lifted and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She was calm and organised and nothing was a problem.

Sara looked at all areas of my life and through a series of questions found out where she could best help and started to work on them straight away.

Before I knew it Finer Details had set up a data base of clients for our small business; sourced tradesman to come in and give me quotes for various handyman jobs, including painting and electrical work. Researched the market and found the best and most affordable place to get cupboards for the Salon as well as getting a quote to get them installed. They were there to meet the Tradesman, get the quote and get back to me with the details and see what I wanted to do. I didn’t have to do anything – I didn’t have to worry about people not turning up, and having to follow up with them, or track new people. Finer Details did all the leg work and I just received the end result – satisfaction!

I was also in the process in going on an overseas holiday as well and was worried that while I was away things would fall in a heap at the Salon but again Finer Details had that quickly taken care of.

They deposited money for me while I was away; paid Bills; followed up on orders for the Salon; and went in to the Salon to check on things

Finer Details also sent off birthday cards to friends whose birthdays fell while we were away and I was worried I would forget on holiday; my dogs were walked 3 times a week, my mail collected, plants watered and urgent accounts paid. They also found a cleaning service for me, and after interviewing them organised times for them to come and clean the house and the salon on a regular basis.

Finer Details sourced printers and arranged printing and displays, right down to detailed artwork for an EXPO we were at. It is so good to know that things will be taken care of and I don’t have to worry, leaving me time to do the things I want to do.

We’ve worked together for nearly 9 months now, and I don’t know how I would manage without them. What I really like about using Finer Details Personal Concierge Services is that I am confident that the jobs will get done. They are so reliable and professional I don’t worry as I know that they have it all in hand. I know that there is no job too small, and haven’t found anything in the context of running my business and home that Finer Details can’t assist with.

I would urge anyone, and everyone who want to enjoy life more to contact Finer Details Personal Concierge Services.
- Alison Kennedy, Owner/Manager Rejuvin8 Beauty & Tanning Salon Shop 8, Connolly Shopping Centre Connolly 6027