Our Story

Heather Gibson and Sara Hall Personal Concierge/Lifestyle Managers and Professional OrganisersWith a mutual passion of all things organised Heather and Sara recognised the best way they could service their clients was to combine their existing businesses and become one.

Their individual talents and expertise make them a dynamic duo ready to grow the awareness of the benefits in having your own Personal Concierge.

Having already assisted many overworked and time poor clients they are passionate about “taking care of you”.

Finer Details Concierge and Organising Services has been helping busy people since 2007.

About Heather


Heather Gibson Personal Concierge and Professional OrganiserLike many others Heather Gibson was challenged with life as a working wife and mother, learning to juggle the multitude of commitments and errands and spending less time to “smell the roses”.

Throughout Heather’s career she experienced an array of industries and positions including PA, Operations Manager, Hospitality, Business Owner and an assortment of administrative and service roles. Having worked in remote locations and also travelled regularly for work Heather understands the need for someone to help with daily errands and tasks when you can’t always be around.

Heather’s love of organisation and helping others has been applied and developed over many years and she realised that performing these roles was what gave her the most enjoyment and satisfaction.

Happiest when she is researching, planning, organising and assisting people, Heather recognised that there would be many singles, couples, families, and small businesses that would benefit from having their very own Personal Concierge, hence a new chapter began.

Connect with Heather   or email heather.gibson@finerdetails.com.au

About Sara

Sara Hall Personal Concierge and Professional OrganiserWith Sara Hall’s 20 years experience in living and working in several countries, being employed in the corporate sector and as a business owner, she has developed strong lifestyle management skills, particularly in organising.

Sara excels at helping her clients get rid of clutter and become more organised. Her knowledge and understanding of working with different people, and responding to their individual needs, means she excels at providing home and office organising services.

Clients describe Sara as their saviour. Her qualities include patience, being conscientious and supportive, and knowing how to help others.

Sara is regularly invited to give presentations and run workshops on organising to business owners and busy people from all walks of life, and Finer Details has been featured in Scoop, Perth Vita, The Sunday Times Magazine, The West Australian Habitat and Fernwood Health Magazine.

Connect with Sara  linkedin-icon or email sara.hall@finerdetails.com.au

Our Mission

Actively pursue learning, embrace change and grow to best serve you.

We listen to your needs and make you our priority. Supporting our community through volunteering and donations.

Charities and Associations

Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Services supports 100 WomenFiner Details Concierge and Organiser Services are active members of iCalm