The unwanted gift – 99 photo frames and counting…

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Have you ever kept an unwanted gift ?

This often happens to Finer Details’ clients; one example is a client who kept hold of a photo frame because it was given to them by a beloved family member.

Keeping hold of the gift for many years, moving it from place to place, cramming it to the back of an overflowing cupboard with no desire to add a photo or put it on display, until finally during an organising session with Finer Details, our client found out that the family member didn’t even remember giving them the gift.

All of a sudden the item had no value to our client and was promptly given away.

I think most of us have at one point or other kept a gift not for the value, usefulness or pleasure it gives us but because of our attachment to the person who gave it to us.

How would it change your decision making with your unwanted gifts if you were to remove the invisible thread that links the gift to the giver?

Gifts aThe unwanted gift - Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Perthre given for many reasons; all of them to either be useful or give you pleasure.

Personally the thought of my family or friends keeping one of my gifts because they either don’t want to offend me or would feel guilty getting rid of it saddens me.

The reality is, I probably don’t even remember what it was and I would be more than happy if the item was sold or donated to someone who would use it.

So in the spirit of giving and for our first challenge of the year, search out those unwanted gifts, have a look at the back of your cupboards, the spare room. Remove that invisible thread and re-evaluate why you are cluttering up your home with these items.

As a personal concierge service we can help find some amazing gifts and as professional organisers, we can help de-clutter areas to get rid of unwanted items.

Contact us now to arrange your initial consultation.

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