5 Ways to Maximize Workplace Efficiency

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Efficiency in the Work Place as a Concept

Both Sara and I have been fortunate enough to add to our knowledge and resources from some training at Priority Management we asked one of their team to share their 5 ways to maximize workplace efficiency.

Think quality, not quantity – When working on tasks, it is important to keep your focus on the quality of work you are performing. Harvard Business Review suggests that “labour content, not labour cost” is the means by which productivity should be measured. By concentrating on producing high quality work, you are fully applying yourself to the task at hand, not rushing to get it finished so you can work on the next assignment. This means that your attention is much more likely to be undivided than if you were working on multiple tasks at once.

 Work Smarter, not harder with efficient time management- Many people tend to think that busyness and productivity are one in the same, however, the two should not be confused. Just because someone is busy does not necessarily mean they are being productive. Focus on working smarter not harder. This means working on one task at a time, utilising resources available to you, and not letting yourself get overwhelmed. Focusing your energy ensures that you will spend more time being productive on each task and less time juggling tasks.

Delegate – Delegation is a great tactic for efficient time management. Delegating specific times of the day for certain types of work can maximise productivity and enhance your workflow. Reflect on the times when you are most creative, most detail alert, most sociable, etc. and allocate tasks that fit your habits to these times.

Be SMART in your goal setting – Working toward feasible goals is essential to efficient time management. All goals that you set for yourself should be SMART—that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Establishing goals within these perimeters ensures that you can track your progress on the goals as you go. Setting goals that are SMART are likely to be more achievable and keep you more accountable than goals that are less structured.

Relax – Relaxation is one of the best ways to manage workplace efficiency. Stress affects the manner in which you work, so keep calm and relax for higher quality work. A quick, easy relaxation technique is yoga breathing. Yoga breathing is a slow, steady breathing technique in which focus is placed on extended inhales and exhales. One method is inhaling through the nostrils while counting slowly to 5, holding the breath for 5 seconds, and exhaling slowly through the mouth for 5 seconds. This as well as other stress relieving techniques can have a great impact on your work flow. Remaining calm and minimising stress is an excellent way to maximise productivity and get the most from your work day.

Thank you Hannah Kalmes from Priority Management.

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