5 Top reasons we have clutter

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5 Top reasons we have clutter

We have all been guilty of keeping clutter – things that we don’t particularly like, use or want and the 5 top reasons are as follows:

  1. The item/s were gifts and we feel obligated to keep them. If they are heirlooms perhaps you can find someone else in the family who would appreciate it. If no-one wants it then you could try to sell or donate it. Would you want someone to keep something they didn’t want?
  2. It is a waste to throw/give away. There are so many charities out there in dire need of donations that would be thrilled with your contribution. A little research and you can find somewhere that matches your items and community spirit. You have already wasted your money buying something you don’t really need so pass it on.
  3. Childhood memories, baby clothes, awards etc. If you don’t love it enough to display then it probably isn’t going to see the light of day anytime soon. The memory is firmly planted in your heart and mind and can be relived without having to hold onto an object.
  4. Just in case. The clothes we no longer fit into, the books we never read, the kitchen appliance that we don’t use, used wrapping paper that may come in handy or the reams of old paperwork that you might have to refer to. Chances are if you haven’t touched it or used it by now you most probably won’t in the future.
  5. It was free. Hotel toiletries, makeup samples, giveaway gadgets etc. If you travel a lot the toiletries and makeup can be handy to pack but otherwise they will be out of date before you most likely use them and they are taking up space it is time for them to go.

Have a garage sale, get together with your neighbours and hold one for the whole street which will increase the traffic you all get.

The storage space in your home is valuable real estate, don’t clutter it with things that you don’t love and use regularly. Your home is a sanctuary and you should feel at peace and relaxed when you are there, not stressed because you can’t find things and there is never enough room.

Take stock of what you are holding onto and why – then ask yourself, does this bring value and happiness to my life?   If not it is time to let go.

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