5 reasons not to bring home Organising solutions

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Reasons not to bring home organising solutions

So you want to get organised and the first thing you do is think about your organising solutions – WRONG!

5 reasons you bring home organising solutions:

  1. Looks pretty – you like the pattern, the colour. It suits the display in the shop but will it fit and suit your home or office?
  2. On sale – it may be saving money but only if it is going to be useful, is there an actual specific need for this item?
  3. FREE – you may very well be transporting someone else’s clutter into your life.   Free just means no funds changed hands, it doesn’t mean it will be useful
  4. Looked useful – whilst the item may have had a purpose in another location, it may not work in your space.   The dimensions might not fit, you don’t have the same quantity of items to store or you may have something similar already
  5. A gift – we all have well-meaning friends and family who may think they know us, our style and tastes but, the truth is many of them unfortunately get it wrong.  This results in us with homes that are cluttered with unwanted and unused gifts.    And if you are in a current state of disorganisation they may feel the gift is the solution to your woes.

The rules are for getting organised

You may find that you are quite good at making decisions on culling unwanted items once you start.  You actually find a get into a rhythm and the volume of stuff you need to store becomes a lot less.

It could be that once you have sorted your belongings you change where and how you want to store them, making anything purchased prior not required.

There are a whole range of reasons why buying your organising solutions first is not a good idea.

Take it from the experts, we have seen how this doesn’t work so many times.

And remember things do not have to be magazine quality perfect, often it takes a few goes to get it right just for you.

Now go forth and happy organising


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